Welcome to DSI!

Dedicated Services is your one-stop transformer shop! Providing:

  • New and Rebuilt Transformer Sales
  • On-Site Testing (PCB and DGA)
  • 24 hr Emergency Test Kits
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Salvage and Disposal



DSI Represents several of the highest quality manufactures and rebuilders in the electrical distribution industry, enabling us to provide you with highly competitive pricing and choices. Every job is customized and done to the specifications required by the customer.



We provide on-site oil testing. These oil samples are sent to an independent lab for analysis. You will receive your lab results by e-mail within 7 days and signed copies by mail for your records. We also permanently keep backup copies in our data base.

The web site will be updated with customized load sheets for private review. All units that are marked by customer, for evaluation will have a cost analysis done. Once the repair costs have been approved the unit is repaired and returned within the estimated delivery time.

Pick up and salvage of junked units can be scheduled on-site within 2 weeks.

About Us

About Us

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce DSI and the services we offer. Dedicated Services Incorporate is a company that represents the Customer, not the Manufacturer or Repair/Rebuilder.

Some companies will try to offer all products and services in what is referred to as, the “one stop shop.” While these facilities may excel in some areas, such as transformer repair, it becomes difficult for them to maintain the same high quality standard in every field of repair for example Regulators, OCR’s and the sale of new and rebuilt equipment.

DSI is a company that aggressively seeks what is in the best interest of the customer we represent. We do this by bringing together, in a solid working relationship; reputable companies that we strongly believe are the best in their respective fields. These companies not only meet the requirements held as the standard in the electrical industry, but strive to exceed those requirements.

Any units repaired or purchased as a rebuilt, will carry a standard 3-year warranty. Backed by DSI in support of the Customer we represent. If a warranty issue were to occur, DSI will replace the unit in question and directly handle the matter until a satisfactory resolution to that issue can be found.

DSI service technicians are trained to handle on site PCB as well as DGA maintence test sampling of transformers, regulators, substation, LTC’s and other oil filled electrical equipment. Lab results are stored on the DSI database for unlimited free access by the customer. In the event of needed repairs or disposal of the tested equipment DSI generates load sheets for the customer. DSI will then finalize arrangements for the transportation, repair and or the disposal of your equipment. This process can be completed in 5-7 working days.

At DSI we truly believe we have something better to offer in customer representation and service than any single company can provide the customer.

Dedicated Services Incorporated was designed around the needs and operating standards of the Electric Cooperatives and City Municipal Utilities. From the Manager, to the Warehouse Keeper, to the Accounting Department requirements, your individual profile and needs are our priority.

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